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Selasa, 31 Januari 2012

What I ate today.

Well hello there! Med school has been taking over my life lately, but now I've made a promise to myself to blog more.
Just made another blog that'll be more general in theme, more about my opinions about things. If this strikes your fancy: [the url comes from my favorite band's lyrics]

So, since it's my 3 weeks off school, I tend to go out to eat. I know, bad habit dies hard. It's doing terrible things to my finances hahaha but what can I do, I get bored and I get hungry.
Today was especially expensive, since I had both my lunch and dinner at Pacific Place. My dad is away on business, but if he's home I'll probably get grounded or something.

Lunch: Fish & Co's baked red fish with tomato coulis

I have this love affair with Fish& Co. It's so delicious and light and their fish flaky and always perfectly cooked, but they're expensive. About 80k a dish, it's not something I'll pay for everyday. When my parents are with me I don't really care, but today I was eating solo.
I usually get their coriander dish, but they have a plethora of new menu and I wanted to get something I've never had. Pn the menu they have this amazing sounding dish, baked halibut with mediterranean salsa. Dude, that's like my dream dish. But of course, they're out of halibut. So I ordered this instead!
The fish is perfectly cooked, and that coulis is grrrreat. Fresh, spicy, with a touch of coriander. Love the fact that the side is a coleslaw, which tastes delicious. I regret getting the mash because to be honest it didn't really go with the rest of the dish, fries or their rice is probably a better choice for carbs. But I don't care, it's soooo geeewwwdd. I love you, Fish & Co. Thanks for providing me with delicious guiltless food.

Dinner: Kemchick's Kitchen's Beef Brockwurst

I shop at Kemchick's a lot, since they have such fresh produce and very convenient. I've always known there's some kind of kitchen inside but have never got the chance to try it. So just some hours ago, after gym, I decided to stop by and eat. They have a pretty diverse menu, from hainan chicken rice to burgers. I ordered the beef brockwurst, and they turned out to be huge. I cut into them and juice spilled all around the cut, yum yum yum I knew it was gonna be juicy. It tasted great, juicy, salty, spicy, everything that sausages should be. The mayo was good too, but too little mustard for me, should've asked for some more. The veggies were just basic mixed frozen veggies and the fries were nothing special, but they were good company for the wurst. The plate costed me 32.500, which wasn't bad at all. Definitely gonna come back to try all their other dishes!

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