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Jumat, 07 September 2012


Switzerland was one of my favorite places that I visited during my Europe tour. It's just...... serene. We stayed in Luzern, and went to see Mount Titlis. This was what we ate up there. In Luzern, I just ate salads and sandwiches from a supermarket, because I love those things so much and they don't really exist back home. But in the midst of taking pictures of my surroundings and juggling shopping bags, I didn't take any photographs of the lovely salads I ate. Shucks.

I know I'm supposed to eat wursts in Germany, but on tours like this we ate at a Chinese place instead while we stayed in Frankfurt. This Titlis wurst is good though, juicy.

Titlis was cold. Well, duh. This hot chocolate with whipped cream was like a dream. Swiss chocolate, what what

Another Swiss gem: Movenpick ice cream. I stuffed them down my throat every chance I could.

And I swore to myself I'll come back someday.

Senin, 03 September 2012

Europe: Italy

Oh Italy, the land of mouthwatering cuisine. The land of pasta, my favorite carbs. It truly was a dream come true to visit Italy and taste their food firsthand. The sunshine, friendly people, gelato, picturesque streets. And of course, divine pasta. I was with a tour group so I wasn't able to stray and eat whatever I wanted, but I was pretty satisfied. One big regret: I didn't try real, authentic, Italian tiramisu. Huge sad face.
Amazing caprese sandwich. Just toasted bread, tomatoes, and basil. Got them at Autogrill, a food shop at a gas station. Man, even the convenience store sandwiches are awesome. (Capreses are very expensive in Jakarta. Probably because of the mozzarella.
The first day, we ate at this touristy Italian restaurant near the Colosseum. To my surprise, they serve great food. We start off with a simple salad, one of my favorite kinds. Just fresh, crunchy lettuce with olive oil, salt, and pepper.
After the salad, we had a beautiful four cheese pizza. The crust was thin and crispy, and not too fulfilling (in a good way because we still had pasta coming)

I think God personally sent this to our table because it was divine. The pasta was perfectly al dente with a beautiful sauce. I can't stop raving about this.

I love this pot of chili oil that adds a nice heat.

For dessert, we had this slice of ice cream/gelato/heavenly deliciousness. It was like rum raisin but I wasn't sure, but hey as long as it tasted as good as it did.
Lovely nutella gelato in a scorching hot day at that fountain. I just can't remember the name!

The next day we went to Florence and the tour guide let us eat wherever we want. We chose this small restaurant by H&M, and ordered a mushroom risotto. It was delicious. 

The other day we went to Pisa, and stop by this restaurant. I forgot what this pasta is called, but it was unique! Small pieces of pasta with a very light tomato sauce. Loooved it.

Since Italian is one of my favorite cuisine, I couldn't get enough of authentic Italian food. Too bad I had to go and leave all this deliciousness behind. But if I didn't leave, I would've gained more weight than I should. ;--)