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Jumat, 22 Maret 2013

Quickbites: Indomi Telor Kornet Keju

I think it's everyone's favorite food. Cheap, comforting, fulfilling.

P.S sorry for all the quickbites! Full posts coming soon.

Minggu, 03 Maret 2013

Quickbites: the best sate padang in jakarta

I CANNOT believe I haven't written about this dish here. I present to you the ultimate sate padang (in Jakarta): Sate Padang Ajo Ramon. Pieces of juicy cow tongue skewered and grilled to perfection, laid atop a bed of ketupat, bathed with a generous helping of hot, thick sauce, finished with a heap of keripik pedas. I mean, it just does NOT get any better than this. I've tried a lot of sate padang, and nothing in Jakarta ever comes close. (In Padang of course it's a different story, I've been told) And the keripik, oh the keripik. It's (probably) cassava with some spicy, oily, delicious concoction that is so crunchy! It's not your usual sticky, sweet-and-spicy keripik that accompanies sub-par sate padang. This keripik is in a league of its own.
TL;DR: you cannot say you have eaten sate padang in Jakarta until you've eaten this one.
Locations: Pasar Santa (evenings), Jl Cikajang (beside Konro Daeng Naba all day), Lapangan Blok S (all day, I guess)

Quickbites: Horfun Kepiting

Another quickbite from Kopitiam QQ, which is quickly becoming a family favorite. The thing with this type of noodles is, it's usually kinda bland and needs an extra help, like soy sauce and chili. This crab horfun doesn't. This is basically wide rice noodles with a thick sauce, crab meat, eggs and some prawns. It's so balanced, yummy, and comforting. For a little added deliciousness, add a bit of green chili sauce that is provided on your table. Perfect for rainy afternoons!

Minggu, 17 Februari 2013

Quickbites: free food! Torino's Margherita Pizza

Lucky me, my mother knows the owner of a hot Italian restaurant near my house, Torino. She (the owner) sent us two boxes of delicious margherita pizza. It's just pizza with cheese, tomato sauce, and sprinklings of beef bacon, but dangit it doesn't get any better than this. Divine simplicity at its best!

Quickbites: Ragusa's strawberry ice cream

Smooth with the perfect amount of sweetness and tang: forever a classic.

Quickbites: banana pancakes

Perfection on a plate: Nanny's Pavillon's Banana Pancake. It's pancake that has bananas in it, drenched in maple syrup and vanilla ice cream. Nuff said.