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Rabu, 07 September 2011


hi foodies, sorry i've been away for far too long. new posts are on its way, promise!
i'm always open for suggestions, and thank you for your comments and critiques, appreciate all of them :--)

2 komentar:

  1. Love your review! It's so simple and honest ahaha.
    Would love to recommend Yaudah Bistro as your next destination. Good place with good German food (and Western as well) in affordable price (below 70k). In the Sarinah area, next to Hotel Grand Cemara (Jl. Johar). Doesn't come with a name board, but you should look up and see the giant Japanese flag (in yellow with red dot) on their open-air dining area.

    A warning : the dishes come in BIG portion so you may want to bring your boy instead of your sister hahaha.

  2. hi anon!
    thanks for visiting and taking time to comment!
    I would looove to check that out, big portioned German food for below 70k?? Count me in!! And my boy definitely likes to eat big hahaha my neighborhood is currently flooded with new places, I really need to find the time to eat around and write something. Stay tuned for new stuff!