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Jumat, 07 September 2012


Switzerland was one of my favorite places that I visited during my Europe tour. It's just...... serene. We stayed in Luzern, and went to see Mount Titlis. This was what we ate up there. In Luzern, I just ate salads and sandwiches from a supermarket, because I love those things so much and they don't really exist back home. But in the midst of taking pictures of my surroundings and juggling shopping bags, I didn't take any photographs of the lovely salads I ate. Shucks.

I know I'm supposed to eat wursts in Germany, but on tours like this we ate at a Chinese place instead while we stayed in Frankfurt. This Titlis wurst is good though, juicy.

Titlis was cold. Well, duh. This hot chocolate with whipped cream was like a dream. Swiss chocolate, what what

Another Swiss gem: Movenpick ice cream. I stuffed them down my throat every chance I could.

And I swore to myself I'll come back someday.

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